Inspired by a traditional, regional dish in which guests mixed their own fresh cheese in a bowl of fine herbs, Boursin® is now found in over 35 countries across five continents; offering an extensive line of signature recipes. 



As the Boursin family of cheeses matured, it began to grow apart with varying styles that undervalued its quality. A delicate, iconic silver wrapper found inside the packaging was a natural source of inspiration to refresh the brand. Reinterpreted graphically, it frames an updated logo and mouthwatering ingredients to present a unified product line and to deliver a look as distinctive as the taste.


Additional Team Players:
Creative Directors: 
Brady Bone (USA)  
Olivier Dognon (Paris)

Art Directors: 
Stephanie Labuskes (USA)
Sandrine Cistac (Paris) 

Account Director:
Nanda Prashad (USA)
Celine Autin (Paris)

Agency: Team Creatif USA
Client: Bel Groupe