A little about me:

Everything is interesting–when packaged correctly. My challenge and the excitement that goes with it, is to unveil the hidden, fascinating parts of a product, service, or a concept and evolve the un-relateable or invisible into concise, eye-catching stories that inspire action.

Over 13 years in the field, I have partnered with global companies and start ups alike to develop brands that stretch seamlessly across different cultures while finding creative ways to maneuver around the hurdles young brands face. These experiences have connected me with some of the brightest minds in the business to collaborate on trailblazing ideas. As an added bonus, lasting relationships have been made in the process.

I absolutely love what I do. Inspiration is imperative and isn't always found at the office. Getting out and active ensures that the well of inspiration doesn't run dry. At home, you'll find me trying new recipes from plated.com; outside, you may find me mountain biking or playing tennis in Freedom Park; while in the evenings, I can be seen challenging the unsuspecting to a friendly game of cornhole or chess. Staying active and social balances long hours behind pixels, but nothing beats a lazy summer afternoon on my front porch swing with a book in hand and my dog on my lap. 

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