Jebli, meaning "from the mountain" in Arabic, is a soft cottage cheese made from Moroccan cow's milk that is enjoyed as a sandwich spread and used in a variety of recipes. A subsidiary of Centrale Laitiere-Danone Morocco, a transitional package was designed to assist in an on-going evolution of the brand while staying true to communicating freshness and clarity of use. 



An updated logo visualizes its namesake over a soft background that alludes to the smooth texture of the product. A scenic landscape with integrated variety colors serve to create a spacious scene for the refined product visual as vibrant illustrations reinforce the 100% Fresh promise.

These changes were met with resounding support and an overwhelming preference to the original packaging. An expedited launch date was established as a result so everyone can try the freshest looking product, "from the mountain."

Additional Team Players:
Creative Director: Fanny Bouffier (Paris) Brady Bone (USA)
Account Director: Quentin Ganascia (Paris) Nanda Prashad (USA)
Agency: Team Creatif USA
Client: Danone Morocco



With other competitors launching "fresh cheese", a new look to reinforce the uniqueness of Jebli was to be created to capitalize on being the only traditional Moroccan cheese that comes from the northern mountains of the country while enhancing the fresh look of the product's origins