Fiorucci's 165 year old tradition of curing authentic Italian meats began when Innocenzo Fiorucci, a small meat shop owner in Norcia, would visit Rome each winter to sell his delicious charcuterie. Now, the family's flavorful recipes and new look are enjoyed throughout the world. 



With Fiorucci’s distribution picking up speed in America, a refreshed look was needed to aid in variety differentiation and enhance visual appeal. Appetizing food shots, an updated logo, and a new antipasti ribbon are united on artisanal butcher paper pattern to tell Fiorucci's rich brand story. Graphic cues to differentiate each range deliver a unique, but cohesive look as expansive, variety-specific banners provide unmistakable clarity among the recipes. Expressing confidence in quality, spacious transparent windows proudly reveal the cured flavors inside while tastefully-formatted nutritional callouts easily inform the consumer. A truly modern design for an Old-World family tradition.  

Additional Team Players:
Creative Director: Brady Bone
Account Director: Nanda Prashad
Agency: Team Creatif USA
Client: Campo Frio



original packaging

  • Navigational structure to be improved
  • Needs stronger BVS to marry the two distinct ranges
  • Good presence of window to see product
  • Stronger taste-appeal desired